It’s All About Time



time-managementThe most precious gift we can give our kids, both as parents and teachers, is the gift of time. I hear this from my struggling students all the time.

“If I could give you one thing that would help you in school, what would it be?”

After they go through the funny ones (Well I find them funny.)…”No homework. Fire my teacher. Ditch the vegan,” more often than not it’s, “more time. I need more time.”

Of course many kids don’t know how to manage their time and teaching that takes time. Then again we all know many grownups who have the same problem. Am I singing to the choir? Yes, our kids are often like we are. No, duh!

I wish I had a remedy for this. I don’t. It’s a frustrating fact of life for students, teachers, and parents, and all for different reasons. Elementary school children, middle school children, high school teens are involved in sports, church groups, Hebrew school, drama, dance…all extremely important. Their homework and school load is often overwhelming.

Who can you talk to? I say that a school is as good as the teacher and the principal. That often changes. Not all families can afford to send their children to private schools or homeschool them. Public schools don’t often make accommodations for students unless they have an IEP.

Maybe we are teaching our kids how to manage and be managed. Maybe that’s the secret sauce here. It’s a pity. Wouldn’t it be great if they could take a semester to read and enjoy To Kill a Mockingbird or The Old Man and the Sea?

Would it be a tragedy if they had more time on the SAT and ACT testing?

Maybe the answer is…

I’d love to hear from you.

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