Working Backwards


Tips for tutors and parents:

Once a student learns the rules of reading, the next step, and a very important step, is the art of syllabication. Many of us remember our childhood lessons when we had to divide those darn syllables into teeny parts.

“Does the separation come between the consonants, where does the “ble” go, or does it divide here?

While there are rules, don’t make them hard and fast. The reason we teach kids how to break down long words is so that they have the tools to read the word. It’s not supposed to be tormenting.

  1. When teaching children how to syllabicate words, start from the back end. It will be more fun and it makes your child’s brain regroup.

An example:


When children read the syllables in this word from front to back, they are using a familiar way of doing this. It’s rote and they do it automatically, but often have trouble with it. Try and have them read it backwards.

#1 /lar/

#2 /pil/ /lar/

#3 /cat/er/pill/ar

Try it. It’s fun. It makes kids think more. It’s like having them chew gum and walk at the same time.

Let me know how it goes.

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Guaranteed to have your kids writing.

And it only takes two minutes or less!

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